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blm jobs Our Mission Promote, create and support
work environments that strive to live up to
the ideal that Black lives matter


Work environments where equity is realized, employees believe they belong, and, Black lives matter.

Why We Are Needed

Black Belonging Matters aims to solve micro and macro issues that affect Black people in the employment arena.  We are at an unprecedented juncture, one that allows us to reflect upon and acknowledge the 400 plus years of trauma that Black people have endured in America.  We are being afforded the opportunity to do the work necessary to bring about change, to heal, to unify, to build, and, to grow. 

We yield to this moment. We seize this moment. 

Because discussing race in the workplace has been deemed inappropriate, every day, in industries across America, Black people are silently asked to leave our “blackness” at the entrance of our respective places of work. Under the silent rules that we navigate, we are allowed to bring inside, only the parts of ourselves deemed appropriate for the workplace. Generally, as a society, we rightfully do not ask for this form of division of self from other minority groups.

Black people have conformed to these rules. Because by and large, the things that make us Black are deemed inappropriate or unprofessional, we leave those things at the door, carrying in only vistages of ourselves, our Blackness made evident only by our Black skin. Even in the face of unimaginable human suffering, such as when we collectively witness the events that are at the heart of the Black Lives Matter movement , the unspoken rules told us to leave the parts of ourselves that hurt for our people, outside of work.

Imagine trying to belong in spaces that tell you that only parts of you belong.

It is through these lens that we understand the need for Black Belonging Matters, a diversity initiative that hones in on the unique needs of Black employees and the Black community. Addressing the Black experience is the starting point of any sincere diversity initiative, because homogeneity is rooted in racism against Black people.

Black Lives Matter. Black Belonging Matters.

Black Belonging Matters is 100% Black Owned

Black Belonging Matters provides top tier, full-scale services that create a sense of belonging for Black people in the workplace.  Our holistic approach and thoughtfully curated diversity services hone in on employee and organizational needs, as they relate to today’s sociopolitical climate.  We address these needs with unparalleled expertise that is derived from years of practical, educational, and lived in experiences.  Our services create growth oriented, best in class organizations where employees trust that they belong.

Our leadership team is comprised of three Black women of Caribbean descent –all experts in our respective fields, with over  40 years of combined experience in employee relations, human resources, cultural competence, diversity and inclusion, recruiting, and, retaining employees.  We are committed to improving career options for Black people and our allies, and to helping organizations improve their bottom lines, brand identity and community engagement by harnessing the benefits of embracing Black talent.

What We Know

Racism is more than overt acts of discrimination such as police brutality.  Racism is found in disparities in employment, education, housing, healthcare, nutrition, environment, the justice system, and, in almost every facet of daily life for Black people.  This is defined as systematic racism.

One way to attack systemic racism is by improving career options and work environments for Black people. Through improved career options and work environments, Black people are better empowered to fight against the systematic racism that pervades our very existence.

The Black Lives Matter movement, and the massive protests that the murder of George Floyd have inspired, is the defining civil rights movement of our time. It promises to be as transformative as the original civil rights movement. There is a sense that this time, things will change.

But change does not come without hard, deliberate, innovative work.

Organizations that truly want to be bastions of change must do more than craft carefully worded statements of support. Such statements, without conscious effort to bring about change, run the risk of being viewed as insincere, or worse, opportunistic.

Two-thirds of Americans support the Black Lives Matter movement.

And, it is no secret that organizations that have supported the movement have increased their bottom lines, thanks in large part to $1.5 Trillion in Black buying power, to say nothing of the buying power of Black allies. Organizations must harness the power of this moment.

To harness the power of this moment, organizations must do more than simply state a commitment to being non-racist – they must be actively anti-racist. They must provide unequivocally safe spaces, and extend support services, for Black employees and Black allies.

At Our Core

Our concept of Black Lives Matter builds on the belief that Black people have a right to life and liberty. Our concept of Black Lives Matter encompasses the belief that Black employees should be free to be their authentic selves while at work, and, that Black employees and their allies should be free to speak about racial issues in the workplace and the world around us. Our concept of Black Lives Matter encompasses ensuring that Black employees are properly supported and promoted within the work environment. We believe that through acceptance and support of the whole self, we can work to dismantle systemic racism.

We believe it is time for bold action.

What is needed is a commitment to not only hiring and promoting Black people and Black allies but for organizations to be proud allies in the fight to end racism against Blacks.

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