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Are you affiliated with Black Lives Matter Global Network?

No. Black Lives Matter is a movement that was created by the founders of the Black Lives Matter Global Network.  The movement fights racial inequity, as it relates to Black people.  The beauty of the movement, is that it is decentralized to allow the general public to engage in the fight for racial justice.  Black Lives Matter Jobs is our contribution to that fight and the movement.  You may find the Black Lives Matter Global Network  website here

Why the name Black Lives Matter Jobs?

In an ideal world, the phrase “Black lives matter,” would be mundane and nondescript.  Because it should not be controversial that Black lives do matter.  Unfortunately, the phrase has become a controversial one for those who deny the existence of racial inequity and inequality.

We chose the name Black Lives Matter Jobs, because Black people and their allies deserve to work within organizations that are willing to affirm that Black lives matter. We deserve to work within environments that understand that racial injustice exists.  We deserve to work within organizations that are committed to fighting for racial justice.  The name of course presents certain difficulties as far as collaborating with organizations, but we believe that the name is necessary, so that we can move organizations toward the greater goal of racial equity. 

Our name, Black Lives Matter Jobs provides job seekers with the confidence to know that, should they find a job on our site, their employers are more likely than others to be committed to Black lives.

Is Black Lives Matter Jobs a non-profit?

No. We are however committed to giving back to our communities, by providing for charitable donations, notably our pledge to donate 5% of all our profits to entities that are engaged in working toward racial equity. We have also in the process of  partnering with a non-profit, whose mission aligns with our goals, and will further engage in community service through that non-profit. More information on that partnership will be available, once the partnership is finalized.

Is Black Lives Matter Jobs Black-owned?

Yes. Black Lives Matter jobs is 100% Black owned, and it is 100% led by Black women.  Our leadership team is comprised of three black women of Caribbean descent who have a combined, 40 years of expertise in employee relations, diversity and inclusion, cultural competence, recruiting, and human resources. We also have the benefit of the lived in experience as Black people. We leverage all this experience in our work toward racial equity in the employment arena.

Is Black Lives Matter Jobs only for Black people?

No. Black Lives Matter Jobs is for Black people and their allies. We do hope however that users recognize this site for what it is, a space to help Black people further their career goals, within organizations that are committed to Black lives, and, that those who are not traditionally disenfranchised will respect this, as a safe space.

Do you scrape jobs from other sites?

No.  We are committed to organically building a community that pairs employers who believe that Black lives matter, with job seekers who believe the same.  For that reason, we do not copy job postings from other job boards.  Our job listings come directly from employers.  Of course employers may place identical job listings on numerous job boards, including ours.

What is the 411 program?

Our 411 program is a means to foster communication between employees and their employers.  This service is free to candidates who find employment via our website. It is also offered as a stand-alone service to employers, at an additional cost. The service is not intended to (nor can it) replace the Human Resources department.

The 411 service is narrowly tailored toward helping employees broach the sensitive and often difficult topic of issues related to race and cultural relations, within their employment organization. The intent is to foster communication between the employee, Human Resources, and leadership within an organization, and, for all actors to work toward creating unity, harmony and a sense of belonging within the organization.

Information provided by the employee or employer will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

Complimentary Service

In instances where employees utilize our complimentary 411 service (i.e. their employer has not retained our services), all discussions will take place between the employee and a representative of Black Lives Matter Jobs. In no instance will Black Lives Matter Jobs relay discussions or employee concerns to anyone else, including the employee’s employer. Our goal is to create a sense of belonging and togetherness within organizations. We believe the best way to do this, is by brainstorming with employees, evaluating their areas of concern, and, presenting to the employee, best practices that the employee may utilize to broach these sensitive topics with the proper entities within their employment organization.

Employer Sponsored Service

In instances where employers have retained our 411 service, employers will have agreed to Black Lives Matter Jobs serving as a conduit to discussions about race and ethnicity with their employees. In this instance, should an employee present with an issue of concern, we will brainstorm with the employee, evaluate their areas of concern, and, present best practices for broaching these sensitive topics with the proper entities within their employment organization.

However, should an employee instead request anonymity and/or that we contact their employer on the employee’s behalf, we will honor said wishes. In this instance, our discussion with the employer will be focused on presenting employee concerns to the employer in a manner that helps the employer understand the nuances regarding the employee’s concerns, as well as brainstorming with the employer regarding workable solutions to the employee’s concerns.

Important Information

Unless an employer has  specifically retained the 411 service, our 411 service is in no way affiliated with any employer, even if said employer has posted job ads or other information on our site.  Further even in instances where an employer retains our 411 service, the service is not meant to replace the Human Resources department or other organizational leaders. It is narrowly tailored toward helping employees broach the sensitive and often difficult topic of issues related race and cultural relations within their employment organization.

Candidates who found employment through Black Lives Matter Jobs, who wish to utilize our 411 service, may contact us at 411@BlackLivesMatterJobs.com. Emails to this address should simply request contact. Details regarding concerns and/or confidential information should not be sent via this email address.

For employees whose employer has retained our service, information on how to utilize the service will be provided by your employer.


All users of our 411 service agree that our service is for informational purposes only, and , users further agree that Black Lives Matter Jobs can in no instance be held liable for any actions or consequences that result from use of the service.

What does your logo mean?

Our logo depicts our version of the symbol for the word Sankofa. Sankofa is a word in the Twi language of Ghana, which means, “Go back and get it.”  That phrase is generally recognized as meaning, using lessons from the past to make positive change in the present. The colors of our logo are the colors of the Pan-African flag.  The two black stars are symbols of Pan-Africanism.

What does TL;DR mean?

Too Long; Didn’t Read.  Although we hope that you read our Cultural Inroads posts, we provide this summary at the end of our posts, to capture the essence of the posting, in hopes that the reader will return to read the full post, when time permits.

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